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Beautiful song, Na Ying exposed mentor satisfied smile. With the audience, Yi Lightyear Yi Lightyear scream, which is bursting with popularity uncle portfolio finally long-awaited debut in the group finale. Their interpretation of the song Our Love, passionate melodies plus two always excellent harmonies, so enthusiastic the audience peaked. It is worth mentioning that, he regrets leaving good voice sound stage orchestra also came to record the scene, as former comrades Karen millen buy online musical journey rallying cheers Na Ying team’s performance impressed the other mentors. Mei address him singing these three groups of students to make their own direct awake; always demanding mentor Wang Feng also generous kind words, use the word brilliant to evaluate Na Ying clan concert.
Summary Table is not perfect, through a pilot phase, but also to revise and improve on a few specific description of the probleme, o rhyming e and o in pinyin pronunciation difference, is dependent on the initials, when coupled with b, p, m, f juxtaposition, the hair o sound juxtaposition with other consonants, send e sound . It is actually a two vowels, but with different consonants juxtaposition that led to the slight differences in pronunciation., Thirteen rut with in shuttle wave, that in ancient times the difference is smaller. Phonetic alphabet used, which means that, using two recent letters shaped precisely reflect the actual situation of the pronunciation. Therefore, the e, o classified the same rhyme, is in the actual pronunciation is not contrary to the same body with the rhyme standard eng, ong ong with the use of vowel rhyme, but Pinyin special treatment. From the standpoint of phonology, ong, iong rhyme belly is not o, Karen millen yellow dress but e, which should be ueng, eng, its rhyme body is eng. Pinyin There is also a vowel ueng, and ong homonyms, visible ong with ueng are equivalent. In the phonetic alphabet and, ong, iong is. Mother referred different vowels same, the same body with the same rhyme eng situation, it is clear at a glance. Flat water rhyme is divided into Yidong two blue winter eight nine ten steamed G to Thirteen rut channeled the Middle East, reflecting the ancients have come to realize that they can be the same rhyme.Zhang Xin Yi Yang Mi Mo actress Tang Yan Wu Chao loaded New York Fashion PhotosShanghai, September 9, Yang Mi rushed to the airport early in the morning coming out of New York to attend Fashion Week. She was wearing a black blouse with leggings, wearing a black wool cap, out of danger fitted to New York.Yang Mi Back in September 2011 in Milan Fashion Week had been light-off phase, and that’s a dark and stormy witch shape causing the domestic consensus Tucao idlers. After a lapse of two years, Yang Mi regroup rushed New York Fashion Week, I do not know whether this trip a shameful, we just wait and see.New York local time on September 9, Zhang Xin Yi debut Diane Von Furstenberg 2014 spring show off. Deep V design small exposed sexy, charming and neat full royal sister Fan children.New York local time on September 8, Zhang Xin Yi attended the 2014 New York Fashion Week Spring DKNY show. She was wearing a red dress Quilted pressing and holding gold handbag.Beijing, September 8 Tang Yan appeared in Beijing International Airport ready to go to New York for the 2014 Spring New York Fashion Week, she wore Chanel sunglasses tidal range of full, she also exposes already and good girlfriends, Yang Mi Meet the New York meeting, joked: We really love each other! long China is good girlfriends, said the two men near the body to New York, is more like a girlfriends swim.New York local time on September 9, 2014 New York Fashion Week (Spring), Tang Yan appeared Tommy Hilfiger show.New York local time on September.
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